juli 16, 2015

NEW: Let’s rediscover LEGO building blocks!

LEGO has been following commercial trends for some decades now: Star Wars, Jurrasic Park, Chima, Minecraft, etc. These themes look very attractive but there is only […]
juli 11, 2015

NEW: Crops are only circular when people are fooled…

or better informed… There are some misunderstandings when it comes to the Circular Economy. In a recent circular event a 3D printed flower vase was shown, […]
juni 13, 2014

Make money from waste, instead of losing it

Before I tell you how to make money from waste, let me first tell you how waste is treated in our throw-away society by sharing some […]
februari 24, 2014
Better waste segregation by municipalities lead to waste earnings

Global awareness campaign on local waste segregation

With the help of friends from different countries, The Circular Community has started a global Facebook ‘Like’ campaign to raise environmental awareness amongst local residents under […]