We are entrepreneurs and see the circular challenges within your organization as such. Our goal is not to write reports that eventually disappear in a drawer. We want to implement the objectives, preferably in an entrepreneurial model.

We align the circular objectives of your organization

Wherever you are on your Circular Economy journey, we can help your organisation by transforming sustainable challenges into opportunities. We ensure that all necessary steps are defined, investigated, discussed, implemented and supported. First time right.

We will move your organization towards the frontline of circular innovation.
How? By requirements gathering from stakeholders, by thinking outside the box, by rethinking processes, by looking further than your organization’s back yard, by jumping its fences, by connecting existing knowledge and technologies and by closing the in- and external loop. All decisions during the advisory and implementation phase will be based on validated targets and choices, in accordance with the stakeholders involved.

We achieve targets

From sustainable challenge to implementation, that’s where our projects start and end and how we achieve targets concerning:

  • reduction of waste;
  • reduction of environmental impacts;
  • more efficient resource productivity;
  • more use of secondary resources;
  • more competitive business models;
  • less or none resource dependencies;
  • less influence of volatile commodity prices;

We advise both public and private sectors at a regional, national and international level on sustainability and circular business models. From Amsterdam to the Emirates, we are involved in several advisory projects dedicated to close the loop.

Feel free to contact us!

We make the most out of Circular Economy opportunities. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Circular Economy or in case of a circular assignment. We are here to help you out!