At this moment we are executing plans for a unique cluster of complementary Upcycling factories that will change the face of the resource industry forever. The HBG-RMR is the first installation of its kind, fully operational in 2018.

Ticket size starting from:
€ 400.000
Total investment:
€ 14.800.000
Private Equity:
€ 5.800.000


Private Equity funding starting from:
Tuesday, May 17th 2016.

Projected first funding agreement:
Thursday, June 30th 2016.

Why should you invest in the
HBG – Rare Metals Recovery?

Just in case you didn’t find the reasons at the previous page convincing enough, here’s a summary of the reasons why you should invest:

  • Near 100% recovery of gold, silver, palladium and other Precious and Rare Metals present in waste;
  • Anticipating on scarcity and dependency of Rare Metals, used in high tech and green energy applications. Less than 1% of the Rare Metals is currently recovered from waste;
  • The most green, clean and efficient process: near zero emissions, no toxic and unused residues and low energy use compared to primary and other secondary mining processes;
  • Process applicable to a range of valuable waste streams, like e-waste and spent catalysts;
  • Europe’s first smelter with a 95% focus on e-waste and progressive sourcing and recovery strategies;
  • Faster laboratory tests to check metal values in waste samples, speeding payments to suppliers;
  • E-waste is the world’s fastest growing waste stream, increasing by 20% between 2014 and 2019;
  • Low capital and operating costs compared to primary mining operations;
  • High processing speed, to keep up with market volatility;
  • Secured procurement of large quantities of e-waste;
  • Secured sales of metals through LME/LBMA members and agreements with high tech hardware producters;
  • Scalable and repeatable business model;
  • Risks are covered by mitigating measures;
  • Strong economical and ecological benefits;
  • Robust and proven technologies;
  • Industry leading metal recovery rates;
  • Return On Investment: >35%

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