The waste sector is still looking for solutions to close the loop. More of the same does not solve the impending global resource scarcity. An entirely new approach to resource recovery is needed. Therefore we go beyond recycling.

By converting waste to a molecular level, we can produce new materials with better characteristics

Because of the improved properties, we speak of Upcycling. By Upcycling we move resources up the value chain, which can make make the recovery of raw materials from mixed and contaminated waste streams economically feasible.

Plasma gasification

Plasma gasification is the technology and process we use to convert waste to molecules. In some countries plasma is already being used to incinerate municipal solid waste to create energy or to recover specific materials from specific waste streams. In these cases plasma is solely used as an efficient heat source.

Upcycling by plasma gasification

We are the first to utilize the advantages of gasification to create new materials in an additional process. This new approach to the recovery of raw materials will change the face of the waste and resource industry permanently.

Waste to Molecule & Molecule to Material

We describe our process as follows: from Waste to Molecule and from Molecule to Material. This is the only way to close the resource loop and to plan and provide a steady stream of resources essentially forever.

Upcycling cluster

By setting up an Upcycling cluster, it is our goal to recover all sorts of materials from generic waste streams, such as municipal solid waste. Our Upcycle cluster will produce the building blocks for sustainable development, among others: synthetic wood, synthetic granite and technology metals.

No unused residues or toxic substances

In addition to these advantages, our Upcycle factories produce no unused residues or toxic substances. Everything is converted into usable raw materials. This is responsible resource management to the max.

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We can imagine that what we are saying is kind of new to you. Don’t worry, there’s is nothing wrong with our mental state, nor with yours. This is a new way of thinking.