We develop Upcycling business cases for waste streams from which no or too few resources are recovered. Currently we are looking for investors who now dare to commit themselves to the raw materials factories of the future.

We are looking for investors who share our goals

Our goals are to prevent resource dependency and resource scarcity. We will do this by the international rollout of Upcycle clusters, closing local loops in an unconventional but necessary way.

Ready to develop a new standard

The Circular Economy needs to move forward, not only by talking about it and creating awareness for the topic, but also by bringing it into effect. That’s the role we claim as The Circular Company. We are entrepreneurs who are very concerned about the economic and social consequences of resource dependency and resource scarcity. That’s the reason why we develop Upcycling business cases for waste streams from which no or too few resources are recovered. From now we are ready to develop a new standard in resource recovery.

Circular cooperation is needed

In order to create a new standard, entrepreneurs and investors need to work together to bring the Circular Economy in practice. Financing the Circular Economy seems to be the greatest challenge however. Without support of the financial sector, the Circular Economy is doomed to fail, which should be unthinkable. Given the enormous threats to the Linear Economy, we must make a success of this new economic model. If not, all previous investments will be lost. There are no alternatives.

Risk Capital? Huh?!

The transition towards a Circular Economy only can be accomplished by freeing up substantial budgets for projects being covered by Risk Capital. We believe that Risk Capital is a wrong term for highly sustainable and financial solid plans. The real risk is that there is no capital available to secure our future!

Return On Investment >20%

For our Upcycling business cases we are calculating with Return On Investment rates of at least 20%, based on highly conservative scenarios. In our calculations we have not included further processing of the raw materials to semi or completely manufactured products, which will become the next step. The associated capital gains of further upcycling will lead to an extraordinary ROI.

First Upcycle Factory

Our first Upcycle factory will recover near 100% of the Technology Metals present in electrical and electronic waste (WEEE). Currently less than 1% of the Rare Metals are being recovered from waste, such as e-waste. These metals are among others of strategic importance for green energy applications, such as wind turbines, electric cars, Internet of Things, etc. From Q2 2018 we will process 12.500 Kg of Printed Circuit Boards per day, in an environmentally friendly way. We create scale to make impact and accelerate the Circular Economy.[/vc_cta]