As long as we only remove recyclable materials from waste streams and continue to incinerate or landfill the vast majority, our raw materials deficit will continue to increase. To close the loop, we need new technologies.

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We develop
new technologies

Resources are turned into waste faster than waste can be turned back into resources. With current technologies, the recycling industry is not able to compensate the loss of raw materials. By 2050, the consumption of raw materials will triple, which is far beyond what the Earth can supply. A radical change in resource recovery is needed.

To allow a radical change, we must think beyond recycling and start Upcycling.

The Circular Company develops innovative business cases for waste streams from which no or too few resources are recovered. Our innovation process is incremental: we bring proven technologies from other sectors together into new resource recovery technologies for the waste sector. These solutions will disrupt traditional monopolists and industries.

The first upcycle installation that we will put in operation, will recover near 100% of the Technology Metals present in e-waste.

What's next?

We start with Upcycling 2.8 million kg Printed Circuit Boards
a year from 2018

Shaping the Circular Economy

To shape the Circular Economy, we make alliances with producers and suppliers of waste, ensure that advanced upcycling technologies are linked, develop demand-driven materials and products with customers and sell these in cooperation with established distributors.

Our main focus is on e-waste and construction waste, the fastest growing waste streams. From these waste streams, we create new materials, for example technology metals for Internet of Things and green energy applications and synthetic wood and synthetic granite for the building industry.

The availability of e-waste and building waste is our least concern. E-waste volumes will continue to rise by 20% till 2020. Construction waste accounts for 40-50% of the total waste produced by developed countries.