We execute our projects with the Extended Systems Engineering (ESE), Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) and 6 Phase Plan (6PP) methods. ESE provides guidance on how to eliminate risks and leads to ‘doing it right the first time’. The primary purpose of using TRL is to manage the progress of R&D during the project. 6PP is a fast and structured approach to get from an idea to a viable business case and successful market launch in six phases.

6PP: From circular idea to market in 6 phases

1. 6PP-phase-1Preliminary Study
The Preliminary Study is necessary to identify and explore viable applications from the waste stream and the development of recommendations for the proposed product/market fit.

2. 6PP-phase-2Proof of Concept
In case the Preliminary Study proves the commercial feasibility, we will plan, conduct and monitor a ‘Proof of Concept’ phase. The proof of concept is necessary for testing the broader rollout of the product(s) and to avoid errors on a large scale.

3. 6PP-phase-3Business Plan
We write the Business Plan per validated application. The Business Plan includes among others the costs, projections and letters of intent from local vendors and contractors based on their review of a set of preliminary site plans and specifications.

4. 6PP-phase-4Funding
Once the lender has reviewed the Preliminary Study, Proof of Concept and Business Plan and met with the officials and developers, Due Diligence will take place, after which funds will be made available to cover the costs of the Production & Market Phase.

5. 6PP-phase-5Production
The focus of the Production Phase is to develop the production facility and demonstrate the production facility to be operationally suitable and effective for deploying the products.

6. 6PP-phase-6Market
In the Market Phase the products will be made available to the customer base at large, while launching offline and online marketing efforts to drive sales forward.