Sewer pipes from sludge

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[jed_blurb_text]For our client Waternet we conducted a Preliminary Study Waste Water Sludge Upcycling. Waternet treats waste water and produces drinking water and is the largest organisation of its kind in the Netherlands. Sewage sludge is considered as waste and is being incinerated under the title ‘Waste to Energy’. Based on Extended Systems Engineering, we mapped the viability to convert sewage sludge into materials and products. The outcome of this study led to a follow-up assignment: an Exploration Study for PVC Replacement. The goal of the study is to determine the requirements and the feasibility of the material, to be produced from recovered resources from sludge. The composite material has to match or exceed the performance of PVC.[/jed_blurb_text]

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Please note that we are not performing these studies from a consultancy point of view. It is our intention to develop the specified material and to develop and operate the upcycling installation, jointly with Waternet. To assure that we “do it right the first time”, we work methodically with ESE, which is based on validations, not on gut feeling.